Last man standing  

99 times out of hundred,
I am alone in the tunnel.

Sometimes though,
Imaginary friends sit at the
Very mouth
Waving invisible flags
Of solidarity.

This fight is my own.
I am the sword, the shield
Thrust against the lions
While the world watches
The car keys and the pepper spray
The switchblades
The frantic search for viciousness
Inside myself,
For a few seconds.

If I hurry away, it’s not cowardice
It’s encouraged
Women shoudnt fight.

They sit together in a circle
Discuss revolution
Tell us the greater common good is almost here
Why is it late?
It got stuck in traffic.
USA is flying humanitarian aid
To the middle East.

I am blind alone,
The grief is mine alone
The sons dead, the bullet shells
Are mine alone.

The world is weary,
It is mine.
It is alone.


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