Welcome to the world of nothing

​Do I dare?

Step into a world I might not get out of,

One step on the edge and the boat is rocking, this unfamiliar fear where everything I once knew

Is blowing up into thick swirls of smoke.
The tune in my head is dragging along to the beat of Electronic beats and the voice tumbling into the abyss leaving a trail of gasoline. So close to losing myself, my identity I have never been so completely free

Of who I am

Or who I might be.
The world is broken up into shards of everyday size pieces, I feel beautiful, wonderful, broken, jaded and angry like a supernova 

A spectacle that will go out in three, two, one.
Everything unlearned is piling up in mountains around me, surrounded by knowledge digging deeper and deeper a moat of ignorance around myself

Fill it with the blood of the various parts of me

All the soldiers standing on the barricade,

There is only to do and die

I am

The valley of the death

Of the midnight skies and blue twilights.

I am a coincidence within myself, folded into a paper boat

Adrift in a sea of green light.
Who I am is a summary of everything the world has done to me. 

My words never seem to end, only to get stuck at the edge of my consciousness, dissatisfied 

Like the lover who licks a centimetre away from the perfect spot



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