For a smile,

There is something infinitely sweet about watching a smile,
Lighting up a face in
Trails of fire, like candlelight.

The reticence in my love,
Is reflected in the fluid swipes of the piano,
I watch your laughter arrest, the corners of your eyes crinkle
And if you find me silent
It is so that you stay arrested in my mind
The same pure structure,

I am still while you waltz,
The lights reflect off the chandelier
I remember in colours deeper than you have ever seen,
You’re suspended in a blue ocean, evergreen.

I am a fallen hero, my heart never gets rest does it?
In this strange lovers quest, come let me sing to you
The songs of my heart,
I’m the minstrel dancing in the sand dunes,
Eating dust, my tale unspooling
The mournful tale of a fairy I had sighted,

Why does love leave me aching for a strange taste
That lingers on, a ghost
A half-remembered dream,
A snow globe of whispered fairytales,
Forgotten in a childhood castle, far, far away.


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