Alone in crowds

When you don’t have time to talk,
But to share senseless posts that maybe
Scratch the surface of the alienation you
Have built around yourself like a nation;
She used to be your best friend till
You found out replying in emojis saved time.
Endlessly caught up in a lower circle,
We are frozen in a limbo, blue screens glaring away at us, throngs of humans,
Addicts craving for friends who disappear at a click of a button
Because the intensity required for a real conversation
The emotional investment
Has died somewhere inside
Lies crying in a corner with our creativity,
For everything we do now is for the sake of
Mass media display, there is no love
Everything is empty
Inside out
Upside down
The conversation threads are entangled, in a corner and the modes of expression are dying
Dripping slowly
Colours in an over saturated sunset
We are all masterpieces sold at cheap prices on the streets.
Photocopies of each other, blended in a multicuisine of stereotypes,consenting with the banality of social approval, accentuated by our smart phones and smart lives,
Where we live lives in herds
Smartly, mindlessly,
Endlessly swimming towards a plastic sunset that rises in the west
And settles finally, disenchanted, in the East.


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