The little girl with her candy cane running along the broad brown lane     the daisy chains around her neck,
the purple frock, blue ribbons
And mountains sinking into the upside down blue of the lake.

A butterfly you used to catch often in our playtime
Childhood falls from a locked up box
From the top of my dusty memories.

The air is stretchy, liquid,
So still, my heart aching
Breath flooding into my lungs
Hurting, pins and needles, I’m cracking faster than an ice-sheet in spring
The silver knife of hope cutting me open
Crimson blood spilt on the sheets
I didn’t know I did that anymore

I do not know what that is, but the tears are there at the door, knocking gently
The lone wolves howl, grief is taking me in its jaws,
The earthquake is coming
I can feel the ripples under my feet
I didn’t know I did that anymore.

I’m looking inside the well,
Seeing the liquid darkness that was so long hidden
The jaws are creaking, breaking open
Unrest whistles through the wind
There is silence inside me
The howling winds hammer against my feet,
The rest is over, blood thunders through my ears
I didn’t know I did that anymore.

My skeleton rises from its grave, the monster mouth tries on the smile that you gave
I hide the pain under the veil
Decide to roam the earth again.
Awakened now, my eyes blink at the sunlight
The warmth murmurs against my ears
kisses feel so soft on your skin
My heart thumps an irregular beat
In the rustle of a barren ribcage
Blood flows out of me in a waterfall
The eyelids crack open to let in the world
I didn’t know it did that anymore.


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