Is my heart in another country,
Another district or state?
Is it dying slowly by the pavement
Where I sat with you
And sipped moonshine koolaid
While monsters roamed
Disguised as humans
And candy wrappers blew in the wind?

When we counted galaxies on our fingertips
And the ginger tea touched your lips
And our sneakers were soaked
With the dew drops from grass blades
We trod on
My heart is soaked
From all the frost that had to thaw
In the two winters
We were apart.

Is my heart sitting inside the tulips
From Holland,taking a walk by the tree you had touched
When you had promised to leave
But had kissed me instead
Some dreams take on the shape of reality
My heart is in places I have never been
Shivering in igloos
Watching the northern lights
With your Eskimo gloves warming my back

My heart is your baseball
And you touchdown, kiss a foreigner with a broken tooth
For Halloween
While I pray before altars
Of someone elses religion.

And then,midthought I abandon my pen
Because someone knocked on the door
Left a box marked undelivered
My four valves beating fiercely
On the cushions,
Blood leaking into the cardboard.

My dying heart,and I
We sit in an armchair, stare into the fire
Remembering nothing.


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