Useless Hearts

The day after I met you
I ran across the road to
Pawn what was left of my sanity
For a second hand heart.

I fixed with its rusted nut,
In the cracked dusty hollow
Of my cage, oiled it,
Watched it splutter and kick-start.

I sit here with a second hand heart,
Beating weakly in protest
Your eyes never looked my way again
The kisses never came.

I try to pile silence on top
To cushion the ache from the rusted edges
The simmering tea tastes of your finger tips
And my silence slowly fades

I sip the tea in silence,
With each gulp choking back a scream
I hear your voice among the angels
The cogs whir and my heart misses a beat.

I had my face buried in the fabric
The day we had walked among stitched dreams
Trying to short circuit my system
On a platform of insanity, my heart was spinning.

I weighed myself, because I felt so heavy
Like excess baggage deposited
At the airplane garbage can,
You will leave my memories there, I understand.

The second hand heart, crumbling
Deconstructing at the pain
Of your face perpetually turned away
The hopelessness refuses to dissipate.

A second hand heart lies broken,
Creaking, coated with blood
I took it out last night with a pincer,
And left it out there to rot.


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