How could a heart like yours, ever love a heart like mine?

I love you.
Ive never heard a man say those words and mean it,
Quite as much as you did
So,when you leave today
Close the door behind you.

In the lonliness of a mindspace
I leaned from the edge of
My tower
And you stood laughing in the garden waiting for me

Could I have loved you in return,
If your patience had not worn out?
Most likely not
Yet I did love you, in my own silent way
In the dusty roads, trucks speeding across the distance
Silent, special way.

In the way that is not worth it.

But, this is a memory,
I want to keep you safe
In my life’s album
For the wrong I’ve done
In knowing you would love me, and I wouldnt.

One day, you will find the strength to laugh
That helplessly again,
And dance on public transport-
Maybe not
And the tea side stalls will always be reserved
For someone my heart could never love
But should have.

When the rain drizzles on empty streets
And the green ilaichi in my tea
Is stuck to my tongue,
In a few songs, diwali fireworks
You will linger.

You saved me, I could have loved you
But I didnt.
On a cold winters night,
Reckoning will come and I am to be frozen,
For someone who would thaw me,
Hold me
Is gone. And that, is good.

Farewell, you in pain and anger refused to let me
Say goodbye
I loved you in my own special way, and always will.
Your love was warmth I had done nothing to deserve.

farewell, fancy doesnt cheat so well as she is famed to do, deceiving elf


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