Love notes

I sing you like a prayer
Echoing from the mosques at five in the morning
And the sparrows and the crows flap their wings
And greet the world in a disarray of goodmornings
My tired mind aches
To hear you say hello

I try to dream about other men
Failing in which
I think of wine in papercups
And dew on grass
All I want to be is
The rock your shoe hits
When you go for your run.
I wonder,
What youll think
When you find my red scribbled note
I want to feel again.

I tried, to gather the courage to send this poem to you, and for a moment I was alive.
Then my brain dulled, perplexed as I sat in my mind’s chamberpot, horror cleaved through my system and I collapsed into wet dreams of another man,chained to the dullness of denial.
Ill pass.

A simple thing, where have you gone

I’m getting old I need something to rely on

And if you have a minute why don’t we go

Talk about it somewhere only we know

You’re so cold, so complete in
The isolation of yourself
That I hug a dead-doll
And you wont soften against my
I’ll pack my lonliness in a bag
It sits
In the locker at the end of
The room


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