A love prayer

Once in my life
I want the luxury to hug you without inhibitions
And when I do,
I swear I’ll hold so tight
That your soul will leave a mark
On my skin
For the rest of eternity.

Of the seven point one billion hearts
I chose yours, does that not
For a moment make you want
To look down at me
And let me touch the face
I’ve loved with enough sincerity
To turn coal into diamond
I am frozen, and I cannot
Burn anymore.

Then, once in my lifetime,
I wish that you let me hold you
Tight enough
To feel your bones, and the electricity
I’ve felt from your lazy accident touches
Could die a peaceful death.

For once in my life,
Let me worship you, so that
I can fall to my knees
In reference before a bigger demon
Unhindered by your shadow.

Touch me with your grace, so that I may
For once in my life be free
Of the shackles that
Bleed it’s weight into my soul.

For once, tell me that you want me
And mean it
Let me be whole.


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