Darker shades of impossible love.

The truth is I’ve always been a slave to power
And the first sign of weakness flips the coin,
I cannot love what I do not fear
What I do not abhor, what doesn’t injure.
there is no better love
Than the one where I consume you,
Where our eyes are locked
The chemistry is strung in chords
A hangman at your door.

Where your worship doesn’t stop you
From leaning in, from taking the risk
The first sign of weakness,
I confess, will push me away.

I want unscaleable mountains, in the mound of your arms,
And the lips that taste of anarchy
You’re nothing like the pain of
Pan screaming
So pure,transcending senses,
Your opacity draws me
Honey dripping down the curve of my back
And on your tongue.

I’ve never loved a darker blue
Than the ridicule of passion,
Than the subverted joke of slipping on the mask, dancing away
The truth is I am barely aroused by
Something less than magnificence,
The romantic has taken root inside me,
Where the daylight of sense barely penetrates,
The only justice is in the anger of reality
There is no rejection,
There is no weakness,
There is sheer perfection,in impossibility.


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