Sad, out of tune records

Let me sleep.

With coffee laced breath
The anger bounced off my skin
Like bubblegum sticking to the edge of my lip
I peel it off.
I’ve been falling out of focus
I might not be the best person
To dance with tonight,
But I love you.

I want to drown out the world,
Melt into your shadows,
In the lines of your face.
And the dots I’ve wanted to join
From the day we’ve first met
Wont fizz out
Like the foam at the end of the cup

Can I collect you,
Like a souvenir?
I miss being strong,
Not having the need to not feel

Nothing makes you feel ugly
As much as the diffidence of
Someone you love.

a second hand heart beats in my chest
I would make up a story,
But this is as true as it gets
I’ve not known what love is,truly
But I’ve known your face,
And I’ve known language is a barrier
But not when your eyes are out of focus
Away in another dimension
Where you were happy
Or happier
I am not half of who I could be
But Id try,
If you’d just look my way.
Sad, out of tune records won’t you come and sing for me?
A scratch at the bottom of my heart, a pit called destiny.
Im floating a million miles away in outerspace
The drugs, movie-whores and beer cans are all gone
I have been laying all night hearing the same sad song
Didnt have the courage to call you back, honey.

At four, I was drunken and delirious, my body felt like someone elses
You came and kissed my sweat-stained forehead
Pretty soon we began to undress
It was dark, hurried and brutal
Midway you lost interest
Your head hidden between my thighs,
Your hands caressing my breasts

No love, no love, you only use triggers
Tipping me off till I sleep
No love, no love, no love
The other man left that shadow between us
He sits on that empty chair
When you greet me after a long day
The elephant in the room,
Who never quite went away.

I sang of miseries in the silence,
Drank orange juice, felt for your weakness
Sat on the sofa, let you use me love,
But we dont fit in like we used to

Our hearts are like paperboats
Flying naked chasing the moon
Fairy dust eternal celestial twilights
Dear love, Ill see you soon
When the sad broken record spins off the player
We will be forced to take it to the trash
Till then, to the happy screech tune
We dance to a dischordant pop-track
We dance, we dance, we dance
Two blind lovers in the headlights
We sing, we sing, we sing,
Two deaf lovers on opera night
Two tiny kisses, from ulcer coated lips
Two nasty burns, from radiation therapies.


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