Cheap memories on sale

And there has been no realisation
Of latent greatness,
No paradigm shift in my soul
Only a downward spiral, where
My isolation echoes into
The silence left-over from
Dreams that came true, and left me empty.

My eyes wide open, the kisses taste of
A brief flame I am goading
My heart a tactile slave machine
A companion on autopilot

The nights come and go,
Breathing through the phone
Wandering in wastelands of my mind
The real faded into the mediocrity of disilusionment.

and I wanna fall in love with you

Yet, the mere act,
The drop, of the curtain and the defeat weighing down my shoulders,
A heart crystalised with ice-pick edges
Deeper and deeper down the ugly trench
The black-abyss of claustrophobic silent landscape
I walk, my weary legs
Taking steps one after the other
Without break,
My journey is the road,
That never ended but curved
Love waiting on the corner
In silence
That the skeletons of dead fireflies adorn
And I, in moments of
Short-sighted greed,
Leave the memories in a thrift shop
For strangers to buy dirt-cheap.


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