In immortal verse

Then I’d scream so loud that the world would explode against your ears.
Id hold you till you knew no beginning or end, corrupt that bit of you
Sick, inside out Id drag you through hell and back to my door.
I would pierce the lonely barriers of what grief means to you
Ashen silk dirty little cherub

In the yellow light of mornings, I want to burn you till you are screaming.
Suffocate the gaslights in your silk stalking alter ego.
Break you into a million pieces, destroy you.
Fuck you, fuck you.
Not yet, never.

Choke you till you spat out your venom
Save you, never.
Destroy completely everything you stand for. Break you,break you till you cannot breathe.
Not one more step, stay back
Your disregard against mine

Go deeper. Fuck me then.
Hurt me, take out my heart, I will destroy you. In your magnanimous alternate universe.

Get over you? Honey I was never into you, not in the way you think.

Scars, you dreamt right. Youd fuck your own mother for me, beg in the streets.
Alone, bitter.

Id kiss you softer than you knew, hold you closer than you could dream

That fear in your eyes, you’re right about me

I am right about you.
Run away, run right away.

I cannot be yours, youre someone elses.
Watch me
Just watch me.

Go away, break. Break motherfucker.

I know you, inside out. Watch me turn against you.
Fear it.

Fear what I can do to you.
Ive earned this, every ounce, every bloody ounce of your flesh.

I am Shylock, but this time I will win.
You are the cheating jew.
I am your mirror.

Live, go ahead.
Save me, you thought youre saving me

You have not seen a bastard. I will show you.

Annihilate you. Breathe it in, the tar, the anger.
The isolation.

Ill topple you from your tower.
Lie to me
Go ahead.
Id tear your tongue right out.

Choke that adams apple. Anger, no.
Cold, calculative.

Play, huh?
Fuck me then.
The nails in your flesh.
Ill ruin you.
Ill ruin you.
Ill ruin you.

Desert the post. Run.
Bitch, you whore of the world, run

I am coming after you.
Ill show you a wound you would never be able to live down

Ill give you a scar you wont be able to battle
Cripple you till you dont know in from out, left from right.

Against me, on me, under me

Do it.
Like a man. Be a man. Be a woman. Be a child. Be everything, be nothing,
Scream from the edge of the world.

There is noone.

Keep running.
When youre in the glass box.
I am the coffin.
Barely breathing arent you?
I am dead.

The slap will smart your cheek. The anger.
Slowly seething.
The snake bite.
Id kill you.
Id fucking kill you.
Id kill you over and over till you knew not where you began, where I ended.
Impale you.

Impale me.
Rip it off, drown.
Sea of salt.
Drown, drag me down

You hurt me, with your reality. But morpheus is my friend. This is the land of dreams.
Come, let me use you the way you used me.

I warned you.
This is the beginning of the end.
I am in a time capsule.
Shuttle into outerspace.
Youre terrified of being alone with me

I know you.
We see into each other.
Destroy me

I will annihilate you. Burn you.
Kill you over and over again.

Hurt me again. I dare you.
Take my body.
Weigh the soul.

We measure this in whiplashes.

Dont talk about a future. I will look those you love in the eye.
Break it down.
I hate you.

For everything.
I have written you down now,
You will live forever.


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