How does it feel?

Like a tragedy in a fairytale
And I ate stardust.
It tasted like charcoal, burning
Against my tongue
As if I had dived
Into the sea.


You’ve got to give it to him though,
That cocky bastard knows
He kept count
Of my heart beating
Ridiculously fast.

Who does that?

He traced the shape of
Mystery on the nape of my neck
In burning letters
That tasted of yesterdays christmas

The stubble lined above his lip,
And the scrape of chinese
Cheap thrills
I want pizza
And pebbles, or maybe love in
Fizzy decolage boxes.
Sugar cubes, and I found you
Tasting of fast cars and sunsets
When my breath was short
And the doors already closed,
No vacancy at the love hotel
Come next week.

Maybe you need to get laid
To understand the poem

Your eyes looked flint like,
Our mouths so close I could taste
Your coffee
And I said, you should find a girl
And you said I should find a guy
And we joked about giving blowjobs to a senior for time
While you slowly covered my mouth.

There, click it falls to place
That nonsensical line
Now makes sense.

The room is heavy with
The unbelievable lightness of being
There is no music

Still, almost statue like
You couldnt hear the songs I was
Dancing to,
We are unbelieavable

Im your projection.


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