Both our lovers left.
They left us isolated, two singular pools of expectations, stagnant.
We are two eyes, travelling long, parallel and untouched on the face of the world.
Two train tracks, we walk side by side for a while.

There are dandelions blowing in the breeze among the pebbles. You step over them.
He doesnt meet my eyes, I noticed today.
The no vacancy sign hangs from my heart, the dilapidated neon with a few dragon flies buzzing about attracted by the light.
We are on two adjacent carousels. Everyday we have a new friend

Like a comb through my hair, we dont meet each others eye; avoid the shared spaces.

The shampoo bottles have a layer of mineral deposit from the showers.

the rearview could picture what we leave behind, drive darling, drive darling, drive darling, drive.


One thought on “Companions

  1. I was a bit disoriented by the changing POV. At first, it seems we are observing lovers walking away from us–the viewer. Then we are one of the lovers experiencing the parting of ways that can happen when you are still side by side. And then we time jump to where one lover is left behind. The jagged style encapsulates how emotions can pull you in several directions at once. A nice literary device, but I hope you aren’t actually living it!


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