Across the river, fireworks painted the ink blue sky
Breaking the silence in my eyes.
Silhouettes of my neighbours
Kiss at the end of the street.
The careless wind runs its fingers
Down the nape of my neck

A plane swims in through the clouds,
In a hurry with its headlights still on.

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?

A day can be long, when you know someone well enough
To never be yourself around them.

From where I sit on the terrace,
I can hear the incessant siren wailing for the next circular train
If only I was brave enough to
Get up and circle around my tiny world, once.
Through a small window of an orange coloured house, I see the shadow of
A woman cooking despiritedly in gas flames,
Everytime she tosses the chappati,
Demons kiss the air.
Through the static in the air,
I remember you eating like a child.

am I the greatest bastard that you met?

My heel hits the parapet repeatedly,
The cement warm from a day
Of burning in the tropical sun.
Ive been here an hour,
Enough to see your face grow weary and old
In my mind.
A bat flitters around my head.
The moon is a blurry crescent.

You are the life to my death,
The ghosts inside you
Buzzing, bubbling, frothing over.
I have been silent too long
For my words to make sense anymore.


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