How do you?

How do you casually tell someone that their existence is the highlight of your day?

Step one, you construct the sentence in your head, gentle and quiet, the words linger in the air for a moment. 

Step two, you wonder at how the desert inside you that you have been accustomed to has disappeared, and you were so caught up in their eyes that you never noticed.

Step three, you remember the bitterness he spread, when you lay waiting, every nerve in your body astounded at the risk you were willing to take and he never showed up.

Step four, you look in the mirror, the curves and the lines on your body, the hollow where the smile in your eyes sat. You realise how in the span of the briefest of times you had allowed yourself to be recalibrated. 

How do you let someone know, in not so many words that they’re the highlight of your day,
When you spend the entire day running away from his memories, pulling yourself up from the unaccustomed ache, all night in liquid tears that taste bitter as they trickle into your hair?

I suppose you dont.


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