Sometimes, the stack of everything I wish I could tell you almost overflows. It brims over my cup, and I create yet one more lane in the mad maze city that is my file on  you.

The list is endless, everyday I run into a word, a song, a rhyme or even the way the moon looks through the metal grille that I want to share with you. Just with you
And every day, I pack them away, tiredly folding away sentences and words that will never reach you, never reflect off the way you twist your mouth in a smile or frown in thought.

Why do I love you?
I memorised your features, everytime
From the first day I touched you, I tried to learn every mole, every scar, bump and arch of your face. Instinctively, like I was on borrowed time I tried to learn every bit of you. Ignoring all warnings, I loved you.
I’ve never been so brave.

Never did I imagine that we would be easy, but when you duck your head and laugh a little, it makes me want to fight for the man inside you.
It makes me want to protect the boy who shared his secrets, hold the skinny kid who stands alone in the rain.

There is so much that you do that could make me fall for you. I know I fall for you every single day.
Without fail.
I fall again and again and not once do I regret it because to me, with all your broken bits, all your stubbornness and hurt, all your bravery, foolishness and self-depreciation seems precious.

I dont love you because I understand you completely, I love you because somewhere,somehow you seemed to open against me the same way I was breaking into you.
I love you because when we talked, neither of us felt alone.

I love you because, I knew I might not understand you completely, and we might not see eye to eye about half the universe, but there was noone in the world who Id rather fight with, because noone else I have known respected humanity without absurd biases.
I love you because somehow societal conditioninng had bypassed you, and you despite all your faults remained flawless for me.

Ive never laid claim to anyone. But you fit into me perfectly, and no matter where you go, that belief will never change.

I cannot fight you.
All I can say is, youre worth it not because Im stubborn, but because you’re you.
And you’re the best part of my day, even on the bad days.
Even on the days when you move further away.

I wish you had let me be there for you, I promise you it would have been worth it.
But it wasnt my choice to make, and thats alright.

I know I’ll be alright.
And I’ll lo 


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