Reconsidering death. This is a first information report about a time that is coming out Of a body that has aged Reflux of last nights excesses. Before they make a scene out of your memory Decorate it with garish flowers of their off-tune tributes and blue and white lies of love-hackneyed lyrics Before I add […]

Free Women

Should it astound me, inspire me That every woman has a body That swells, blooms and smells Reeks of her own particular scent. She stands in front of the mirror, Running her fingers over her belly, And under all our pulsing veins hide the same story On the swell of all our breasts Insecurities, hurt, […]

On an unchanging nation

I lay in my bed, As silent as erased chapters of history. My own identity is a war within myself Stretching towards instinct, only to snap back into the cages of Politically correct. I feel beneath my feet, the concrete warm Like an ocean of frozen time Stuck in an ever-worsening landscape Of de-humanised romanticism. […]

Across the river, fireworks painted the ink blue sky Breaking the silence in my eyes. Silhouettes of my neighbours Kiss at the end of the street. The careless wind runs its fingers Down the nape of my neck A plane swims in through the clouds, In a hurry with its headlights still on. Am I […]

Sundays wasted on bad icecream

Sundays spent on bad icecream is a bad poem written at the verge of a day that proved waiting is terrifying, especially when there is nothing to wait for. Ultimatums are like giant pills you cannot swallow, and no matter how bright the time, it is as if some colour drained out of everything. Tiramisu […]

Daily fix

I tried to draw Celtic knots And failed The simple instructions of Over and under and over again In the quiet light of a bedside lamp My bed strewn with pencils, Graph papers, Sheets, and a forgotten novel. I began with a maze, With each passing line forgetting the knot in my chest The way […]


Both our lovers left. They left us isolated, two singular pools of expectations, stagnant. We are two eyes, travelling long, parallel and untouched on the face of the world. Two train tracks, we walk side by side for a while. There are dandelions blowing in the breeze among the pebbles. You step over them. He […]