Most Perfect Little Ache

I want to love you A bruise that blooms onto my skin There is no fanfare Only a mute longing Without violence, or necessity An ease of breathing that Courses through me I want to remember that once, sitting in mid-august heat I wanted to love you Till tears clogged inside And clawed for release […]


Should we have run awau when we did? We? who are we? is there space for another in your narrative? I fill in the empty spaces inside me with distractions, play things. I sit alone in the silence, barefeet, tongue scraped with sugar burns from all the candies I chewed and spat, chewed and spat […]


Never fall in love Over literature and pop-culture. Never live through Your favourite tv-shows And make inside jokes that only you both can relate to. Remember, you will lose The best art in the world that you both Fell in love with together. When you lose someone you love You never quite lose the art […]

You forget so easy.

Curled up, cold toes and the air smells like yesterday trapped in a room The cold dripping through the coloured glass panes The ceilings dropping down, Dripping over my body, in the crook of my waist The sticky silence of early mornings when night never ended And the wailing that seems to come from the […]

The winter aid.

let me sleep, I am tired of my grief I would like you to, Love me, love me, love me I think a huge part of growing up is reconciling with the idea that sometimes love is not enough. I mean, your mind asks you how could that not be enough, you love each other […]

Who are we?

What good is my memory, Against the giant machine of this world? What is it that I cannot forget today, When we will be bleached bones Under the midnight sun tomorrow? My life, a tiny fraction of the Universe How does it become unbearable tangled in the inconsistencies of everyday? How can the universe not […]


Sometimes I have to ask myself to take the time out to write. Sometimes I have to press the time out button on reality But there is no time out button, is there? There are only seconds you are willing to forgo for your own mental health. So here is to the kitten with its […]