Z for Zitilong.

In response to the a to z challenge Who are you, Zitilong? A poem, a prose? A legendary solo played perfectly in an empty theatre after the show is over? No one knows. I could take a canvas, splash on black, brown, pink and white in random strokes. I would have you. I could sit […]

y for yesterday

In response to the a to z challenge This is a compilation of lines from my favourite songs back when I had first discovered music. I had an ipod shuffle, and it did not have a screen. Over time, I learnt to detect the songs from their first beat, and navigate my world with two […]

x for xeric, xenial

In response to the a to z challenge And I’d give up forever to touch you, Cause i know that you feel me somehow  You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be. Iris, Goo-goo dolls. I slice myself into sections, carving out pieces, offering the sides of me which might appeal to whoever stands […]

W for Wait

In response to the a to z challenge Airborne, soaring, weightlessness and then I am buoyant; meeting your soul, a perfect fit, even if it is afterlife. We met late, too late, car-crashes, accidents, fate, souls collected and dumped unceremoniously. The trip to paradise frightening, angels over-worked, under-payed; too many innocents killed in this age. […]

V for veiled.

There was something beautiful about her in death. All those emotions that were trying to fight onto her face had drained away, leaving her bare of any expectations that had often made her ugly. Lying in the meadow, on rotten monsoon leaves, her lips blue and eyes wide, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her skin was […]

H for hold.

In response to the a to z challenge I could grasp you, tightly in my hands, refuse to let you go, but deep inside I can feel you gone. The tighter I grasp, the more you slip Everything is salt and sand. My hand stays still, palm upward, imagining the feel of your fingers on […]

F for flimsy

In response to the  a to z challenge Laze sweeps through my limbs, a slow exorbitant fire that lights up under my closed lids. The familiar beats float through the air, and the sense of being alive collides with the unfamiliarity of the familiar space. The laze is in the ache of my ankles, the […]