It’s okay. 

I looked up to the sky today, it was a phenomenon. I’ve been good lately, the crying stops before my eyes swell up, the ache is dimming The pain feels like a bad memory, and you, well you feel like a friend. So, I was good today, till I looked up to the sky and […]


Sometimes, the stack of everything I wish I could tell you almost overflows. It brims over my cup, and I create yet one more lane in the mad maze city that is my file on  you. The list is endless, everyday I run into a word, a song, a rhyme or even the way the […]


The act of waiting is a disaster in itself On identical steel chairs, the television bleeding out mindlessness The machine works and reworks a dozen nervous breaths The rancid smell of cool air fills the room Everyone is sweating inside their carefully draped clothes. There is something extremely pathetic about the faces Lined with anxiety, […]

How do you?

How do you casually tell someone that their existence is the highlight of your day? Step one, you construct the sentence in your head, gentle and quiet, the words linger in the air for a moment.  Step two, you wonder at how the desert inside you that you have been accustomed to has disappeared, and […]

What is the violence of love?

It is the over-complication of simplicity in the absence that went unnoticed. It is the disbalance in priorities. When, he gets to be your special one, But you don’t get to be his. The violence of love lies in how you abandon your best friends because your happiness suddenly gets unplugged from its socket and […]

How to tell a shattered story?

It seems ironic that I closed a tab on Narendra Modi to revive this dead repository of a digital notebook. It seems ironic because, I just visited the ministry of utmost happiness, and it compelled me to break my silence. With the ghost of the torchbearer of Indian Democracy hanging over my screen feeding my […]


Reconsidering death. This is a first information report about a time that is coming out Of a body that has aged Reflux of last nights excesses. Before they make a scene out of your memory Decorate it with garish flowers of their off-tune tributes and blue and white lies of love-hackneyed lyrics Before I add […]