Holidays don’t last.

The mind is the weirdest. If there was a convention of crazy, the mind would be the very craziest. The one crazier than the metal eating tadpole lover. The one crazier than a man impersonating a fishing rod for the rest of his life. It’s the most annoying organ, the heart can be persuaded(the GrandPa […]

A holiday for my soul.

The grape bursts on my tongue, a wicked sour that floods along the taste buds. The narrow windows painted an even prusian blue are warm against my head, the book I was drowned in has ended, and I lay washed up on the shore. The air smells of summer and silence, the kind of silence […]

Unsent Letters,

You’re the fire and the flood, And I always feel you in my blood. -Vance Joy. Pages lay on the desk, dark ink dropped on the parchment, belying the  blood and scars hiding behind the words. Unsent letters, of complaint, of anger and despair. The source and the sink, all of it in one black […]

My Firefly.

I needed to forget, so I came here. Both of us, two circles intersecting at two points, and cocooned in the comfort of that common ground; I let the world drown out. Every addictive substance I have ever tried, I have realized I might become dependent on, you’re no different. You’re my escape from the […]

Pressure Points.

How do I know I’m not ready to be an adult? Well, lots of reason, but there is a specific one that’s gotten my panties in a fucking bunch right now. So, I resort to my online diary. This brings back so many bad memories, of a time when I had a notebook with rainbow […]

Indian men.

Alot of things go through your mind the night before an important exam. Tomorrow is hopefully the last chemistry practical of my life. A mosquito is buzzing over my ear, I switched the lights off because if I don’t sleep now, I’ll get less than five hours of rest before an arduous three hour exam. […]


And when the lights all went out, We watched our lives on the screen; I hate the ending myself, but it started with an  alright scene -Disenchanted, My Chemical Romance. I first discovered the legitimacy of fluid haphazard feelings when my father gifted me an iPod shuffle on my twelfth birthday. One evening, lying in […]