Apathy pt 1.

He tosses the guava right on her face, the bitter green taste starch and liquid haze. Her teeth stay collected in a dental jar, the old man comes and shakes it insistently It makes a rattle, slosh slosh, reminds them of their youth. The postman, his lopsided hat bouncing on his curls, his pink joyful […]

The boy who stole the sky.

In response to the daily prompt Sky I saw it peeking through the branches crisscrossing up above my head, triangles, slices, reflected in the varicose veins on the ugly thighs of the jungle. Even in the desert I found, blatant poker-faced staring at me while the sands stir and stir at my feet, chewing up […]


In response to the daily prompt Phase The land-lady knocked on the door, insistent. I remember her bustling the both of us inside, showing off the tin tub, the ratty heater and handwoven quilts. You caught my frozen fingers in your hand as she drew the blinds, flooding the room with bright sunshine. The room was […]

A message from a stray lover

You’re sewing patches onto me, with every move you make, the longing grows. Soon, I crave the helplessness  of the fall, the boulders that crash over and around my head, the thunder and lightnening of a Father disappointed at my depravity. I am falling to the ground a mad house hailstone, a shard of glass […]

Dead stars

The branches slashed across my face as I ran, clutching the bleeding heart to my chest. The sky was an angry red, a gash that weeped tears of blood. The thunder echoed the drumbeat of my heart, all around me the stars collapsed from above. I dodged the madness of the ocean above my head, […]

Z for Zitilong.

In response to the a to z challenge Who are you, Zitilong? A poem, a prose? A legendary solo played perfectly in an empty theatre after the show is over? No one knows. I could take a canvas, splash on black, brown, pink and white in random strokes. I would have you. I could sit […]


Based on the track sedated by hozier  Just a little rush, babe To feel dizzy, to derail the mind of me Prayer beads on my fingers, one falls after another, I hadn’t known I was praying. I was only looking at you and holding my breath. From the heel of my left foot digging into […]