Brief bedtime thoughts.

Signs of growing insanity. I cannot sleep at night. I cannot sleep unless the clock ominously strikes four like in a clich├ęd horror movie running an hour late from stipulated 3 o clock myths. So, at 4.17 in the morning, my head buzzing with two (or three, one was a rewatch) incredible, and absolutely polar […]


What the fuck is a hand-held massager? Its the ultimate tool for recluses. (After vibrators of course. ) Massage. A simple word, with more depth in it than a visualisation of the Mandelbrot set. There is a certain hand-massager called oism’s UPamper. It is unreasonably heavy and has lain in neglect for the past five […]

The art of partying alone.

You know you are qualified to party alone if: 1. Crowds of people annoy/frustrate/upset you. 2. You are fond of the dark. 3. You are fond of angry rock music in the dark. 4. EDMs. 5. You prefer drinking alone. 6. Drinking makes you feel like you rule the world. 7. You’re miserable. Phase one: […]

Ice-cream or Ab Crunches?

Most of us average humans who are aware of the effect of perfect-bodied models on our lazy but low self-esteemed minds have a fiery relationship with body- maintanance and work outs. The electric, passionating combustive self-consuming relationship in my life, as much as I’d like to say is with my boyfriend Is in actuality with […]

Girls React: Monastery

This is a post I have delayed for much longer than I should have, because of the amount of effort it would take me. Now that I have a week to a very important exam, and virtually no knowledge of my syllabus; I deem it a perfect time to chronicle my experiences in my FIRST […]

(Because ) the night

is dark and full of terrors – GRR Martin. One of the most fantastic concepts I have ever encountered is that of the incubus. While it has a long and debatable background, with origins experts will be better equipped to inform you about, It is one of the most terrible things that can happen to […]