Sundays wasted on bad icecream

Sundays spent on bad icecream is a bad poem written at the verge of a day that proved waiting is terrifying, especially when there is nothing to wait for. Ultimatums are like giant pills you cannot swallow, and no matter how bright the time, it is as if some colour drained out of everything. Tiramisu […]

Cheap memories on sale

And there has been no realisation Of latent greatness, No paradigm shift in my soul Only a downward spiral, where My isolation echoes into The silence left-over from Dreams that came true, and left me empty. My eyes wide open, the kisses taste of A brief flame I am goading My heart a tactile slave […]


How does it feel? Like a tragedy in a fairytale And I ate stardust. It tasted like charcoal, burning Against my tongue As if I had dived Into the sea. Leave. You’ve got to give it to him though, That cocky bastard knows He kept count Of my heart beating Ridiculously fast. Who does that? […]

A love prayer

Once in my life I want the luxury to hug you without inhibitions And when I do, I swear I’ll hold so tight That your soul will leave a mark On my skin For the rest of eternity. Of the seven point one billion hearts I chose yours, does that not For a moment make […]

Darker shades of impossible love.

The truth is I’ve always been a slave to power And the first sign of weakness flips the coin, I cannot love what I do not fear What I do not abhor, what doesn’t injure. there is no better love Than the one where I consume you, Where our eyes are locked The chemistry is […]

Sad, out of tune records

Let me sleep. With coffee laced breath The anger bounced off my skin Like bubblegum sticking to the edge of my lip I peel it off. I’ve been falling out of focus Constantly I might not be the best person To dance with tonight, But I love you. I want to drown out the world, […]


He wanted to make love to me. Under the moonlight, with the gutter smelling of rotten vegetable peels saturated with the endless rain, his rough hands held my waist, grabbed my shoulder or cupped my face, always invading in comfort Always in my safe space, Always a tool, a misplaced screw up, too close and […]