Walking in the rain

Only two types of people walk freely in the rain- the brave and the dejected. This does not count the ones walking in groups, or the ones rushing through with their pants rolled up to the knees. I saw two men today, walking at a steady measured pace when the rain was falling faster than […]

The chaos in silence.

“Chaos is a ladder.” Said Petyr Baelish, a song of ice and fire. Chaos is more, it’s less. It’s balancing on the edge of reason, a kind of terrible beauty, like that of animals rushing out of a forest fire. It’s a word that seems to echo in your head, ricochet off the walls in […]

B for Bluetooth speakers.

In response to a to z challenge Day 2. I’m annoyed, the damned speaker won’t work. I need background music for my very existence to have a substantial meaning. Eye of the tiger playing as I fold washed underwear, making the bed while dramatising bohemian rhapsody. My life is a playlist, and without sound it’s […]

sweater weather.

Use the sleeves of my sweater Let’s have an adventure This is the kind of weather that made poetesses open out their casements, blush and write complicated metaphors for what girls usually convey with ‘dtf’ in the twenty-first century. Its that time of the year again. When it’s raining, not the squelchy muddy messy rain, […]

Pre-exam observations.

Its just another brick in the wall.- Pink Floyd. Two months down, one left to go. I’ve been cooped up at home because of a series of exams the Indian higher secondary education system deems extremely necessary but nobody else in the world gives a single fuck about. I have forgotten what it feels like […]

Parenting done right, I think.

My parents are technologically advanced. What could be the possible implication of this sentence? Well, my parents deleted the Google history more often than I did for starters. My dad taught me how to use almost all softwares. My mum taught my dad how to use WhatsApp. My father had a Facebook account before I […]