The names behind collateral damage

Dont fall in love during a war. Don’t fall in love with those caught up in a war. When you see them fall, as collateral damage When you watch the world keep spinning Unperturbed, Even when your insides are moulded into memories, There will be no one who can feel your loss Knowing the name […]

Stepping into youth

Towards the bottom, where the light of my fingers don’t reach anymore lies the forgotten conversations. The abrupt replies, the tired, petered out words that speak of maybe a slight derailment. Somewhere along the rolling of the days the old was piled over by the new. The lower I go, the more alien the words […]

five minutes of my head

It is worthy of amazement how one can be so accustomed to what is absurd. What is strange, what is not? I wonder, living side by side with the dead, the undead, the troubled and fortunate. How are we so accustomed to a regular breach in our morals? Today, I sat typing the names of […]

A late celebration of no tobacco day.

I don’t remember the first time I put a cigarette to my lips. Maybe I don’t want to remember. Something’s shouldn’t be remembered, all those moments which you shove at the back of your head in a box labeled stupidity. This isn’t a story. This is a thought, but it is a long thought, so […]


What is it about porn that drives hoards of pubescent and sometimes nail-biting sweaty-palmed girls into midnight raids into the virtual cupboards of big-titted, cum coated fantasy? In sixth grade, I was one of those rare products who couldn’t care less about man-parts and lady-parts and what happened under Bollywood bushes and trees. Yet, know […]

The body of the absurdist.

I like to lie to myself. The lies take a range of forms, lining up on my shelf, dusty old bottles from which Djinns flew away, the spirit flushed away in a haze of burning vomit that choked out, kicking and screaming, my tired mind heaving, my throat delivering a child the wrong way, the […]

The mark sheet.

In response to daily prompt: shadow Shadows, ink in your eyes. The shadow lurking behind you as you stay up night after night, warring with sleep. The LED staring at you, a mad lonely eye, and lines of print on tomes as thick as the indifference piled on the world. You rub sleep out of […]